Commentary on the Roquero Family

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Do you ever feel like your family is not as close as it used to be? Do you find that your usual time together involves everyone looking at their phones and being busy?

I was blessed to have coached the wonderful Roquero family during the OLX Bahayanihan campaign. With daddy Eli overseas, Genesis and I worked on leadership skills and his relationship with Tracy. To all the men out there, I encourage you to lead your families well. God blessed you with a team mate in this journey and I want you to cherish that. Women, encourage your partner by being their for him. There's Louis and Clark, Aquila and Priscilla, Mickey and Minnie, just to name a few. As the word of God says, husbands and wives are to work together as a team. Set the example quietly and create a happy home by being thankful always. Spend quality time with your loved ones consistently.



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