Commentary on the Sunga Family

Terry, Mary Ann, Myer and Elfie came back not only to a new house, but a new home filled with love, thanksgiving, encouragement and appreciation. Ultimately, “love remains.”

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Commentary on the Guanzon Family

We always have to remember that it is not our job to change people. God is the only one who can do that. We continue to love them, pray for them and trust that God will do the transformation.

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Commentary on the Locus Family

Marriage is a life long commitment. The husband and wife should continue working on their relationship day by day, as courtship should never end.

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Commentary on the Roquero Family

Do you ever feel like your family is not as close as it used to be? Do you find that your usual time together involves everyone looking at their phones and being busy?

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Go Out of The Invisible Prison!

If we really want to experience an abundant and healthy life, then we have to do our part in planning.

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