Go Out of The Invisible Prison!

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In recent years, the advocacy on health and wellness initiatives has been given more emphasis. We see start-up companies being opened to cater to the need of busy members of the workforce. When asked about exercise or playing sports, Juan dela Cruz has now evolved to a person who’s default answer is, “I just do not have any time for that.” or “Wala akong time para diyan.”

The truth of the matter is, everyone is given (24) twenty-four hours in a day. How come there are people who have seemingly busy schedules yet they still have time to go out and play sports? How come there are people who can still find the time to run, go to the gym or do weight training? Instead of being discouraged or feeling envious, I suggest that we change the way we think by being encouraged that exercise or playing sports is indeed possible.


One of the keys to making exercise possible is proper planning. The Manual of Life reminds us that “The plans of the diligent lead only to plenty…” If we really want to experience an abundant and healthy life, then we have to do our part in planning. Before a new week begins, it would be a wise idea to pencil in when you want to play basketball with your friends, golf with dad or even Zumba with mom.

When that day finally arrives, we have to honor our commitment and stick to it, no matter what or how we feel. Find a partner who can hold you accountable. Motivate one another and remind each other why you are doing the things that you are doing. We have to be intentional in making time for things that matter. I usually remind the people who I am coaching to remember why they want to change a particular habit or pattern of thinking.

When there are times that you feel that exercise or playing sports is not possible, it might be a good idea to remember what the Apostle Paul once said when he was in prison. Never beimprisoned by the busyness of life. It might be best to remind ourselves that we are “able to do all things…”
With these simple and actionable steps, our “can’t do” attitude can now be renewed to a “can do” attitude. Go out of the invisible prison that you are in. Free yourself. Go out and play!

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